About Us

SPARSH SOCIETY FOR REGULAR DEVELOPMENT was registered at Jaunpur, U.P. as a voluntary social organization under society Registration Act. 21, 1860, having its no. 201/2001-02 Date- 30/05/2001

As mentioned above that although Society was registered in 30-05-2001 but it has been carrying out its activities for the last several years in rural & under areas of District-Jaunpur (U.P.). Society was established with basic aim of providing society services to all community but particularly to women and handicapped person so they may become self depend & stand on their own feet. Such social service includes education nutrition health, family welfare, Income generating programme, women awareness & sanitation. Consumer & Environment awareness,  etc. The other aim of Society to provide technical and vocational training to SC & Poor class candidates mentioned above so they may become self-reliant.

In order to achieve these objectives of the Trust has been carrying different activities. These activities includes Total Literacy programme in tribal area and Computer training to youth, Health awareness programme etc. In Addition to it Trust has been carrying out different other programme like organization  of Awareness Caps, Seminars & Workshops on environment, pollution control, birth control, Protection awareness, Farmer Training & Income Generation Programme etc. All these programmes are carried out by Society through its own resources but even then ever programme was completed in a very successful manner.

In the last management committee secretary of organization put up a proposal for organizing of scientific achievements awareness programme in women under the scheme of Science and Technology for women.

At the last management committee has been considered on proposal in depth and then it was decided to send a project proposal.




  • To undertake and implement development programmes in the fields of education, health, family welfare, agriculture and animal husbandry and cottage and village industries in collaboration with national and international donor agencies for the betterment of rural community.
  • To act as service agency for the farming community by supplying agricultural implements, manure and fertilisers, cattle feed and such other inputs essential to accelerate the process of development in agriculture and other allied activities.
  • To initiate, undertake and implement programmes, specific schemes and programme for vulnerable sections of the community such as children and women for holistic development of families.
  • To educate the various sections of the community on their rights, duties and responsibilities in order to enhance their participation in nation building activities as responsible citizens
  • To create awareness on better nutrition, better health practices, protection of environment in order to promote a physically and mentally healthy community.
  • To organize community-based institutions like youth club, women club, self-help groups, and farmer's association in order to institutionalize local initiatives
  • To impart training in farm and non-farm activities to different sections of the community for upgrading their skills and thereby improve their productivity.
  • To recruit, train and employ personnel, extension workers, technicians and other community workers to carry out the various activities of the organisation.